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Address Information
Address 1301 EMOREHEAD ST
Parcel # 12521101 Lot
Tax Jurisdiction CHARLOTTE Status: Inactive Block
Sphere Of Influence CHAR
GIS Property Details
Historic District
Historic Property
Watershed Watershed Name:
Waterfront Property Waterfront Name:
SWIM Buffer Buffer Distance: 35 Ft
Conservation Area
Address Permit Holds
Agency Agency Phone Created By Hold Reason Hold Note
There are no Permit Holds on this address
Address Occupancy Holds
Agency Agency Phone Created By Hold Reason Hold Note Additional Notes
City Engineering 7043366692 Paty, Charles Post Construction BMP City Engineering storm water mitigation fee must be paid prior to release of CO go to for Commercial Hold Release Request (704) 336-6692
Projects and Project Holds
Number Name Outstanding Holds Place Hold
340995 1301 MOREHEAD ST - TOTAL DEMO 0  
Requests for Service
Number Project Name Requested Service Description Inspection Results
There are no Requests for Service for this Address.
Master Plans
Report Master Plan ID Plan Project Name Status Name
There are no Master Plans for this Address.
Zoning Violations (excluding those in Charlotte and Charlotte ETJ)
Violation # Violation Date NWC Permit # Violation Resolved Details Of Resolution
There are no Zoning Violations for this Address.
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