Address Information
Address 4400 SHARON RD Unit: M11 Parcel # 17706104 Lot
Tax Jurisdiction CHARLOTTE Phase Pending Block
Project Information
Project # 342728 Microsoft
Job #
Plan Review Status
Permit Issued Required
Building 0 1
Electrical 0 4
Mechanical 0 1
Plumbing 0 1
Zoning 0 0
Other 0 0
Total 0 7
TCO Issued Date Not Issued
TCO Status
Certificate of Occupancy Status Not Issued
Certificate of Occupancy Issued
Utility Type Gas Electrical
Utility Date
Hold Status Release Date Agency Agency Phone RQ # CO Hold
Released Sep 30, 2014 City Fire (704) 336-2101
Permit # Issue Date Permit Status Inspection Requests Inspection Results
There are no Permits for this Project.
Land Development Jobs for County and Towns (not Charlotte)
LD # Created Date Status # of Inspections Inspection Results
There are no Land Development jobs for this Project.
Parent / Sub Project data -- (Includes Master Plans)
Parent Project Number Project Name Web Project Address
There are no parent projects for this project.
Subs Project Number Project Name Web Project Address
There are no Sub Projects for this project.
Revisions to Approved Plans
RTAP Number Closed RTAP Level Permit Number RTAP for Project Number Base Project Number Inspector Inspector Number Comments
Zoning Documentation Upload
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