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Permit Number: B3192510
Confirmation # 3192510004 TCO Reinspection
Received Date Dec 21, 2017 Charge Reinspection Fee
Requested Date Dec 22, 2017 TCO Reinspection Fee: $0.00
Requested Through Mecklenburg Staff
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Result Date Dec 28, 2017
Result Overall Failed
Inspector Walsh, Greg
Inspector Phone # (704) 634-0659
Requested Tasks FR
Task Performed Result Partial Approval Note Billable to GC Affects HFR
FR - Framing 02 - Failed 1
Inspector Comments
Last Update By Inspectors Notes Chargeable Failure Affects HFR
POSSE system power user We need to verify that all new stud packs have been installed, nail off all hangers and twist straps completely, nail off sisters joists per plan, 4ply lvls required to be bolted together per manufacturer specs, add studs under ends of all beams for support, ceiling joists on 2nd floor need hangers or ledger strips, attic access framing needs hangers, check all notes on plans 1
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